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 The current status of Arctic sea ice

Le Cercle Polaire (LCP)

Le Cercle Polaire (LCP) is a non-profit-making organisation (loi de 1901) registered "intérêt général" whose activites are devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and improving governance of the polar regions, the Arctic and the Antarctic. LCP’s activities are carried out with or under the control of an international and multidisciplinary Scientific Committee (www.lecerclepolaire.com). LCP runs a quaterly review of scientific vulgarisation on polar regions called "Pôles Nord & Sud" and organises an annual international seminar on the polar regions. Since 2007, LCP has been leading a "Working group on arctic governance" which includes academics and experts from France, Greenland, Canada... In 2008, LCP was scientific advisor toeurodeputy Michel Rocard, for the writing of the Arctic governance resolution (October, 9th, 2008).


Tasks attributed: task 5.1: Overview and assessment of regulatory instruments, framed on UNCLOS, but taken so as to include all relevant binding and non-binding agreements, at various levels, as well as international multilateral and national practice and law. Particular focus will be brought to the ACCESS sectors analysed in WPs 2, 3 and 4, and include an overview of and success of compliance with extant regulatory frameworks of Arctic Ocean users; task 5.1.2 (Fisheries - a Summary of extant legislation as it applies to a wide range of fisheries issues, including increased access for fishing vessels, increased potential for aquaculture, and Management of Marine Preservation Areas (MPAs) ) and task 5.6: Identification of ways and means to ensure full participation of indigenous peoples in the consideration and development of governance solutions affecting their way of living and their economic conditions and interests


Principal Investigator:

Laurent Mayet is founding-president of the NGO le Cercle Polaire (LCP). Senior lecturer in International Relations at Sciences Po Paris University, he is also Consultant on arctic affairs at the geopolitics forecasting Department, Ministry of foreign affairs of France. He was the chair of the "Arctic governance working group"which included academics from France, Grenland, Canada.. and which lead to the draft of the "Arctic governance resolution" voted by the european deputies on October, 9th, 2008. He is currently a special advisor to Michel Rocard, Ambassador of France in charge of the international negotiations on polar regions, the Arctic and the Antarctic.