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 The current status of Arctic sea ice

Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) is one of the oldest oceanographic research organizations in the world, and is the leading marine research and education institution in Scotland. The central aims of SAMS, which is a NERC Collaborative Centre, are to undertake long-term and fundamental strategic research, to contribute to and support the national and international marine science community, and to underpin the societal and educational needs of the UK and the wider community.  Arctic marine science and technology innovation are key missions of SAMS.  SAMS consists of approximately 130 academic and technical staff and about 30 affiliated Phd students.  SAMS is the sole UK institution whose core focus is the Arctic and is full partner in the Marine Laboratory at Ny Alesund, Svalbard.  SAMS is experienced in large multi-disciplinary programmes.

Wilkinson is head of the Sea Ice Group and Ivanov is a senior member of the Marine Physics Group.


Tasks attributed: SAMS will participate in the observational programme of WP1 as well as the modelling of the flow of oil under sea ice (WP2). 


Principal Investigator:

Jeremy Wilkinson has studied climate related processes in the polar oceans such as sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics, deep convection and water mass modification in the polar seas for almost 15 years.  His expertise also extends through a broad range of techniques, from the remote sensing and in-situ monitoring of sea ice, through to the modelling of oil spills under sea ice.  He has participated in over 20 polar field expeditions and his observational work has been performed on many different platforms, including, ship, helicopter, aeroplane, and ice camps.  He has substantial experience in large EU funded multidisciplinary programmes e.g. ESOP-1, ESOP-2, CONVECTION, SITHOS and works to a high scientific standard.  Over the past few years he has published widely in high impact journal. He is presently PI on the 47 partner EU funded DAMOCLES programme and was co-ordinator of the 20 partner EU funded RECARO programme. Wilkinson is head of the Sea Ice Group at SAMS.